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World Taste

International Trade Services.

We bring your product from any place in the world. We transport your product to any part of the world.

Delta Trading offers international trade services for a variety of products.

We are experts in international trade, and we work all over the world. Our experience as food consultants lets us give an aded value to any local business wanting to jump into the international markets. We can reasonably guarantee that your cargo will reach your client.

We have experience as importers and as exporters.

As exporters, we have carried out operations in Central America, Brazil, Mexico, and Eastern Europe. These were food related operations, covering original and typical Spanish food (wine, olive oil, Christmas sweets). We have also exported cleaning products directly and in triangular operations.

As importers we search for new products in the emerging Asian markets, focusing in textile references and bottles for very different uses (diet products, beauty, food, et cetera).

If you think we might suit your needs, please feel free to contact us.